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The Bumpass Podcast - Use It or Relocate It or Beat It

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Mon, 1 Sept 2014 15:01:52 Duration: 58:44
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Use it or relocate it or beat it. On todays episode, Mark talks about Robin Williams and depression with celebrities. Oh and theres an explanation as to why there was no porkchop 2 episode. We also hear Mark try to spell DJ (that's almost worth listening to alone) Mark joins the I thing world and actually likes some of it. Copperheads are all over the yard. Mark starts his MMA career and it actually turned out pretty good. The real treat of the show is Marks take on the Tony Stewart saga...but Mark turns that giggety giggety talk into a story of when Mark had his own giggety giggety firesuit and helmet. And Mike from the drinking show drives a Buick.....Enjoy the show suckers.

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