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The Bumpass Podcast - Porkchop 2014 Episode One

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Sat, 28 June 2014 15:01:52 Duration: 73:22
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Lets get ready to porkchop everyone! Mike and Mark bring two of the best talents on the WTDS Podcast network together for a combined show. They are joined by Donna,Jody and Scott for what truly is a great set up to the main reason for having porkchop 2014....The Bands. They are joined by guests "Roy"(Ray), Ben, Mick and Steve. This is just the begging to the rest of a long day of music and drinking and just general human interactions.....stay tuned for episode two soon. We hope those of you that have not been or couldn't come to porkchop this year will get a feel for the fun it offers and set the next years date to your calendars. Enjoy the show.

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