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Sat, 21 June 2014 15:01:52 Duration: 49:42
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YAEVER BURP AND CHOKE AT THE SAME TIME? Mark has a no prep whatsoever catch up show but no apologies for a show not coming out for six weeks. Mark does a Ward Burton Impression to die for as well as finding out that you don't blow in the wrong end while performing CPR. Young Marines and Run A Muck go so well together.....HOO RAH!!!! Mark found a news reporter out of 4000 people(shocker) Mark is set for Pork Chop 2014 and no worms can come around. A shout out to a new WTDS Podcast Network Show (Yall are only gonna listen because its two chicks) Mark may have burped a lot during this episode as well, but Mike has no influence on the no pants while podcasting factor.......and apparently Mark doesn't wanna tell the whole story on a story telling podcast.......enjoy this trainwreck known as Marks best show ever. See ya suckers!
6/21/2014 15:30:54 - by bumpass
I rock

1/16/2015 19:08:31 - by HellnToil
This was absolutely hilarious! You know some people love the burping in
shows. My personal view, if the audience loves it, why not? Shiiiiiitttt, I'd be
more than happy to just let loose like that. There's a lot of stick in the mud
who are picky and complain about breathing into the mic, or chewing, so it's
nice to know people who don't care about those things.
That being said have a great day and I'll keep an eye out for new episodes

1/16/2015 22:06:19 - by bumpass
who cant use their real name?lol

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