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The Bumpass Podcast - Ten Four And Other Big Trucker Words

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Mon, 4 Apr 2014 15:01:52 Duration: 55:29
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Ten Four And Other Big Trucker Words.On todays episode of The Bumpass Podcast,Mark has a hankering to go back in time and get a monkey to ride in his truck.Mark will instead take you to the biggest truck stop in the USA,you have to hear all about this place people.Mark encourages everyone to put the cell phones and text masheen stuff down and buy a CB radio at the local yard sale and use it for some entertainment......Productive entertainment.Mark brings you up to speed on some CB radio lingo and what some of the 10 codes mean....don't forget also that lot lizards may or may not be mentioned in this trucking episode.Not interested in trucking stuff?Dont listen because Mark tells about an accident in DC and you may also hear about a black dog.....now you can just listen to the show and find out about the black dog without even watching the movie Black Dog.Huge RIP shout out to Matt at the end.

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