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The Bumpass Podcast - Dynamic Un Normal Duo

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Fri, 3 Jan 2014 15:01:52 Duration: 55:40
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Dynamic Un Normal Duo......Happy 2014 everybody! Mark reviews some old weird stories from 2013 and then turns the show happy with Ice cream flavors that are odd.......about 32 minutes in, Mark literally comes down with "sumthin"...then he sucks it up and finally finishes the show with some great stuff about 2013 movies and not to give it away but he love the Netflix Exclusive Series Orange is the New Black.......Season 8 of Dexter is happening at the Bumpass Podcast Compound. Quite a few shout outs happen during the weird news,,,,,oohhhh and and a big sneeze may be the result of nude podcasting.........never know!!!!!!!!! See ya more in 2014 suckers!!!!!!!

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