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The Bumpass Podcast - Oerrrange Zest

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Sun, 15 Nov 2013 15:01:52 Duration: 168:48
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Mark is doing a deer show and it turns into The Drinking Show calling in at the same time as recording goes on. We simulcast on the WTDS Podcast Network. Mark, Mike,and Steve merge shows and it turns into a few guys that are obviously former WGAY listeners decide to finish the show with totally geeked out radio file attitudes...........we rock!!!!!!!!!!!! and podcast god note,,,,,,,,stop emailing me stuff about The Drinking Show stuff,,,,,,,,,,,you must listen to the whole show dorks!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't listen unless you are a pro,,,,,,look it up in the book,,,,,,,,Peggy shows up too,,,,,,,,,,yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show is unedited and has no ending either btw,,,,,,,,,,,thats how I roll though!
11/26/2013 17:00:02 - by mcfadone
Man this show is podcast nerdy! 9353!

12/8/2013 23:02:36 - by bumpass
Yes it is.lol

3/1/2014 23:46:38 - by mcfadone
your intros are the best!!!

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