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The Bumpass Podcast - The Mermaid

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Sun, 14 Aug 2013 15:01:54 Duration: 57:51
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Conti The Mermaid becomes a subject all because of a cat dying...how does Mark tie this crap all together?Cartoon cats and fish stories on this episode.Mark has a heart?RIP Sunshine the family cat!
8/17/2013 00:45:14 - by mark
awe.....the kitty show!!!!!!!!!!!!!and oma peter rocks the mic!!

8/17/2013 01:00:42 - by mark
oh and popeye at the end I think.....I never listen to the bumpass podcast dot com......thanks to mike btw for the use of his voice changing masheeeen to record on a few weeks ago

8/17/2013 21:52:35 - by mark gray
Ok who gave out the Quaaludes to everyone! Casey Kasem INTRO WAS CLASSIC.

8/24/2013 02:17:14 - by Mike
best intro ever!

8/24/2013 02:41:56 - by mcfadone
USCG woot!

8/28/2013 01:09:25 - by mark
the outro rocks too..........we need to start a NOVA/DC area podcast festival.......LA does one.....why cant we?

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