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The Bumpass Podcast - Hips Don't Etch or Sketch Even

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Sat, 7 Feb 2013 21:01:54 Duration: 64:13
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Hips dont etch or sketch......whaaaaat? Mark is joined by Christine and they discuss etch a sketch and civil war spys. Mike leaves Mark hanging for segment two......not really but it gives Mark an excuse for the show ending song. Oh and the weather never changes in Bumpass.....hmmmmm!!!!!
2/10/2013 01:04:22 - by Vonda Atkins
Big Atta Girl to Christine for joining you for your show!!! Loved it! Chicks rock the house!!! :)

2/10/2013 15:35:00 - by mark
She done good.....shes not ascared!....wait til she gets the bill in the mail!airtime costs money ya know!lol....she should come on more.....or be a lesson learned that I dont bite if a guest wants on.

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