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The Bumpass Podcast - Show 56

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Sun, 2 Dec 2012 21:01:54 Duration: 64:07
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Mark gives a few shout outs out and basically just talks about his obsession and other whatnot! The Bumpass Triangle unfortunatly rears its ugly head again. Mark has a broken fence! Yawnnnnnn............tell the story finally Mark! Smoked gouda and bananna splits and a live Juicy Butt BBQ eating session.
12/2/2012 14:13:16 - by mark
this show is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

12/2/2012 15:03:45 - by mark
I want to get pregnant

12/2/2012 18:50:57 - by Mike
Love the show!

12/2/2012 18:51:46 - by Mike
Who are the listeners that doubted me? LOL

12/5/2012 02:05:56 - by mark
all of them Mike,,,,,We are onto something here with this podcast stuff,,,,,,,,,people listen,,,oh and the chicks are gonna dig my orange hat and fat lips lol........why do I torture myself by putting pics of me online?

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