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The Bumpass Podcast - Show 53

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Sun, 4 Nov 2012 21:01:54 Duration: 62:45
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Mark Rides in and survives Hurricane Sandy.Regi plays a scrabble game even though Mark is podcasting.Stephanie wont stop texting and Mark has a GRRRRREAT big Deer hunting story......proof is in the pictures/video section.The Bumpass Triangle Is across the gravel road.!!!!
11/7/2012 23:37:11 - by Mark
Hah!!!!!!!The Bumpass Triangle,lol.

11/8/2012 10:28:42 - by mike
damn nice deer...sure would be good with some pickles LOL!

11/8/2012 10:29:15 - by mike
nice buck BTW

11/10/2012 18:14:40 - by mark

11/10/2012 18:14:51 - by mark

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